WorkSafeBC’s 2019 High-Risk Strategy

WorkSafeBC's High-Risk Strategy is in full swing for 2019 and violence and musculoskeletal injury (MSI) prevention is a top priority. If your organization has not conducted a risk assessment, or you're not sure if your current programs are up to date, it's encouraged that you check out their resources that are designed to help enhance workplace health and safety.


Safe Handling Toolkit

This toolkit breaks down implementing a safe handling program into five steps with ready-to-use tools in each of the steps.

Step 1  Assess Your Organization

Step 2  Obtain Support from Your Leadership Team

Step 3  Create and Implement a Policy and Program

Step 4  Conduct Training

Sept 5  Evaluate Your Program


Violence Risk Assessment Toolkit includes everything from describing the How, Why and When of a risk assessment, through to practical and easy-to-use tools, including staff survey templates and task analysis templates.

They have also developed a Violence Prevention Policy Template to help inform the development of your organization's own policy.



Staff Training

Do your staff members have the information they need to work safely? SafeCareBC runs a variety of programs  around the province, as well as online learning opportunities. Check their website for the upcoming events.


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