PSNM Education Day 2017!

Members ready to Learn!
Tiffany, Sharon, Eric, Karen, Armilita

BC Care Providers Assoc presentation

Butterfly Community PSNM

The full day was highlighted by many presentations, including the introduction of The Butterfly Community Project.  The Butterfly Community was created by David Sheard and Helen Sanderson in the United Kingdom and is an online membership group that will support our community to learn together, just launched this October.  It’s believed to lead the next stage in creating the cultural change we want to see in dementia care.  BC Care Providers Association is hosting Dr. David Sheard on November 15th in Vancouver.  See our News and Events page for more information.

Maple Leaf donated all the protein, Weston’s donated the bread, sweets represented by IPS, Sunglow donated the juices and Nestle donated the water. Thank you to all of these Vendors and members for making our 2017 Education Day a great success.

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