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Northern Health is recruiting for the position of Coordinator for Food Service for its largest Acute care facility, the University Hospital of Northern BC.


EVENT: Mentoring Moments IDDSI Implementation & Transition

The Canadian IDDSI Reference Group’s new course “Mentoring Moments IDDSI Implementation and Transition” is a 5-part series proudly sponsored by Aramark Canada. If you are interested in working with IDDSI mentors to learn about transitioning to IDDSI standards for texture modification in a healthcare setting, make sure to check out the details (including dates, timing, and planned topics). Spaces are limited to only 30 participants, so register now! (Note: This event is limited to Canadian participants)


We are pleased to inform you of the Webber Teleclasses below that will be available for July - November 2022.

Due to technical limitations, we are no longer able to host live audio teleclasses. The recordings will be available 1-2 days after the Teleclass’ presentation date.
The Webber schedule is subject to change, so be sure to check PICNet's Webber Teleclass web page regularly or to access the teleclasses

November 2022
CIC… pathways to certification
Date: November 3rd, 2022
Time: 10:30 am PST
Speaker: Sandra Callery, CBIC President, 2022
– Describe why an infection control professional should consider certification
– Understand the objectives of certification
– Describe the different pathways to certification
Where is the strength of evidence? A review of infection prevention and control guidelines
Date: November 9th, 2022
Time: 10:30 am PST
Speaker: Prof. Philip Russo, Cabrini Monash University Department of Nursing Research, President ACIPC
– Show that multiple versions of governmental ad professional organisation infection prevention guidelines exist
– Discuss a systematic review of existing guidelines published between 2009-2019 was undertaken
– Reveal that many recommendations are based on low quality evidence
– Analyze the multiple opportunities for high quality IPC research that exist
Sharing knowledge: learning from those who have challenged the CIC
Date: November 10th, 2022
Time: 10:30 am PST
Speaker: Sam MacFarlane, Public Health Ontario, Sandra Petersen, Ottawa Public Health, and Jeff Lee, Canadian Armed Forces Health Services Headquarters
– Be aware of approaches that you could use to organizing a CIC study group in your region
– Be aware of some strategies/resources that are available to support you in challenging your CIC
– Be aware of practical approaches that others in the field have used to successfully pass their CIC


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IDDSI is excited to announce that great research has recently come out around the IDDSI Framework. The studies cited below are two of a body of amazing research articles, and they welcome researchers to announce their publications via the e-Bite. Enjoy and catch up on IDDSI in research with these two published articles:

  • “What could go wrong? Non-standardized versus standardized food texture classification” by Oshrat Sella-Weiss. Read it here.
  • “Analyses of functional diets formulated for dysphagia patients under international dysphagia diet standardization initiative (IDDSI) level 3 to level 7” by Bhavnita Dhillon, Navdeep Singh Sodhi, Dilpreet Singh, Amritpal Kaur. Read the abstract here
IDDSI at Conferences
Thanks to the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM), IDDSI was featured in the 2022 Conference program on June 23, 2022 in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. The session focused on IDDSI Can Do and strategies for implementation in Canada. Conference attendees were really excited to receive a complimentary IDDSI funnel!
IDDSI in France and in International French
Ellen Andrews (Canada) and Virginie Ruglio (France) presented a webinar in June entitled IDDSI in France and in International French . This presentation described the development process for the upcoming international, harmonized French translation as well as the work of the IDDSI France Reference Group (FRIRG). Nutrisens, who hosted this webinar, has provided the link to share

Webinars & IDDSI Learning

Broadcast: The Science Behind IDDSI Testing Methods

Thursday, July 28
9:00 am Dubai Time
Originally recorded in June 2021, join Dr. Ben Hanson as he presents on the science and research behind the simple, yet effective, IDDSI Testing Methods.


New Rapid Testing Screening Required for Visitors to Long-term Care Homes

Last week, Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Henry, and Minister Dix announced a number of new orders and public health measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission in BC— especially the Omicron variant, which is spreading rapidly in jurisdictions in Canada and around the world.

To protect residents and staff, the Province is expanding rapid point-of-care testing for visitors age 12 and older at long-term care homes

What does this mean for you?

  • The Ministry of Health is working with the Provincial Health Officer, health authorities, and operators to prepare for the implementation of rapid testing screening. Some operational details are still to be confirmed.
  • All publicly and privately owned and operated long-term care homes are required to implement the rapid testing for visitors age 12 and older.
  • Rapid test kits will be delivered to each home through a centrally managed provincial distribution centre. Homes will receive kits over the next several days, as distribution proceeds around the province.
  • Testing will begin when homes have received their rapid test kits and are prepared to begin testing. It is anticipated that all care homes in the province will have received kits and begun testing by January 7.
  • The tests will be administered by screeners at the entrance, who are trained healthcare workers or designated and trained staff at each care home.
  • In addition to responding to standard screening questions, and completing a rapid test with a negative result, all visitors age 12 and over will be required to present their proof of vaccination or an approved medical exemption to enter a care home. Visitors must continue to be compliant with masking requirements, as well as follow other infection prevention control practices while on-site.

Critical information on implementing rapid testing can be found in this December 24 letter to operators.

How to order rapid tests?

  • Health authority-owned/operated and contracted long-term care homes should receive kits automatically.
  • Fully private long-term care homes (without any health authority contracted beds) can contact the Rapid Point-of-Care Screening Program at to access test kits, or with any other questions.


We know that the pandemic has been a trying time for many healthcare workers. That's why we partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions to offer you FREE resources and support through the Care for Caregivers website and Care to Speak, a confidential peer support service that you can access through online chat or telephone.

A stressful work environment and increased restrictions on social gatherings and travel can negatively impact our mental well-being. If you need support with your mental health this holiday season, do not hesitate to contact the Care to Speak peer support line.

Update: Visitors to Long-term Care Homes and Assisted Living Residences  ~ Message from SafeCare BC

In our e-news this morning, we stated that visitors to long-term care homes and assisted living residences need to be fully vaccinated by November 30. This is the date that is reflected on the orders on the BC Centre for Disease Control website.

The BC Centre for Disease Control website was updated this afternoon to indicate that the new date for visitors to be fully vaccinated is now October 26.

We know this is a very challenging time, if you need any support or resources to help with this change, feel free to contact us.

The current orders from the BC Centre for Disease Control on visitors to care homes and residences can be found below and should be updated later this week to reflect the changes.

Influenza Vaccinations and COVID-19

This year’s seasonal influenza (flu) immunization campaign is now underway in British Columbia. Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization recommends that everyone over six months old (with a few rare exceptions) should get an influenza vaccine. Healthcare workers in BC are classified as "people who are able to spread influenza to those who are at high risk of serious illness",  so for this group, the vaccine is offered for free.

Getting vaccinated against influenza is particularly important this year, as we are having more social connections than in 2020 and so there is a higher likelihood of influenza circulating in communities.

A number of the symptoms of influenza and COVID-19 are similar, so protecting people from influenza will also help to reduce the number of healthcare workers who need to self-isolate with suspected COVID-19 symptoms.

Vaccines for COVID-19 and flu can be administered together. A study published earlier this month found that there are no safety concerns about getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and flu at the same time. The BCCDC guidance is that “If you are getting a COVID-19 vaccine you do not need to delay getting an influenza vaccine.”

SafeCare BC has created resources to provide you with more information.

IDDSI Global Initiative to Improve Lives of People living with Dysphagia

e-Bites ~ Current newsletters found online at your convenience.

Webinars & IDDSI Learning:  How to Use IDDSI in Research

Tuesday, October 19
11:00 – 12:00 (UTC-4) (Toronto/New York time) and 20:00 – 21:00 (UTC-4) (Toronto/New York time)
Join Professor Catriona Steele, research lead for the IDDSI Board and Peter Lam, IDDSI Board co-chair, as they discuss the use of the IDDSI Framework in research and key issues that researchers should be aware of. Professor Steele will also review gaps in our knowledge that represent exciting opportunities for future research. Learn more and ask questions during the live Q&A. Professor Steele and Peter Lam will be present at two webinars – register for the time that’s most convenient for you!


Keep Up To Date with IDDSI

IDDSI Previous Webinars & Recordings

Missed any of our other webinars? All our webinars are recorded and can be found on here, but please note rewatching the webinars on YouTube will not provide you with a Certificate of Attendance.
If you register and then cannot attend a webinar, PLEASE make sure to cancel so we may open another spot up for someone else.  Thank you very much for your consideration.


Care for Caregivers is an online resource designed by SafeCare BC and the Canadian Mental Health Association to protect and support the psychological health and wellbeing of our healthcare workers who are responding to COVID-19. Visit the website for updates and credible information including free online workshops and coping tips.

CARE TO SPEAK - Peer support service

Care To Speak is the peer support service for healthcare workers, and they have recently expanded the hours to include Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 10:00am to 2:00pm.

This is in addition to regular hours, Monday to Friday between 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

Free service, anonymous and confidential.
Phone: 1-866-802-7337 (PEER)
Online Chats


Contact us about Membership and how you can add your event to our CONNECT page.

Family Caregivers of British Columbia

Virtual Caregiver Support Groups and Caregiver resources found in the latest newsletter: 

Updated Guidance: Long-term Care Admissions and Transfers in the Lower Mainland

Based on the current COVID-19 transmission scenario, BC's Ministry of Health is advising Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal to:

* Prioritize admissions to long-term care and seniors' assisted living from acute care, and temporarily suspend admissions from community to publicly funded long-term care beds, except in cases of intolerable risk.

* Temporarily suspend transfers between long-term care homes or between senior's assisted living, except in circumstances of intolerable risk, until further notice and ensure residents' place on the wait list for transfer is maintained during the suspension of transfers.

* Temporarily suspend all health authority operated/funded home and community care adult day programs.

* Temporarily suspend the provision of care home respite, except in circumstances of intolerable risk

The above actions are intended to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission in long-term care and seniors' assisted living settings, enable staff to focus on direct care and infection prevention and control crucial protocols required to prevent and manage outbreaks, and support surge capacity in hospitals.

a positive approach to care_PSNM 2020

Positive Approach to Care offering support through ideas and events

Each week they feature new offerings, ideas and options to support people living with dementia and their care partners , professional or personal.

Browse Free Events
Learn about becoming a PAC Champion

SafeCare BC's CEO, JEN LYLE Talks with CKNW

From donning and doffing PPE to effective hand washing, there are plenty of things that can be done to prevent the spread of infection.  Hear Jen Lyle speaking on the new COVID-19 Social Visitation Essentials orientation online course.

Hear the radio interview

Positive Approach to Care Online Dementia Journal - Free Resource of insightful articles and videos to help you care for people living with dementia.

Changing Our Visual Awareness, Do You See What I See? Small Changes that Make a Big Difference in the Kitchen for PLwD, Plus a multi-media collage for summer... and more

Centre for Conflict Resolution Programs

The JIBC courses and programs are designed to help you communicate more effectively and provide you with new skills and knowledge to enhance your relationships within your workplace and community. Most courses can be taken as part of a certificate or on an individual basis. 


JIBC: CENTRE FOR LEADERSHIP:   Why choose courses from the Centre for Leadership? You can continue your development and growth with upcoming courses. Take individual courses at your own pace, or sign up for one of their certificate programs:

Associate Certificate in Leadership and Conflict Resolution, Associate Certificate in Training and Facilitation and Certificate in Applied Leadership.

Ready to find out more?

PICNet New Infection Prevention and Control Training

PICNet has refreshed the Orientation for Infection Prevention and Control modules and made them available on the PHSA Learning Hub.

The ten updated modules cover key elements to IPAC, including surveillance, RPAP, communicable diseases, hand hygiene and more.

Each module has a fillable PDF and quiz. New or prospective ICPs, or anyone interested in advancing their knowledge (including the public) can complete any number of the modules and quizzes, and print a certificate for each quiz passed.

Ideally, these modules should be completed with the support of an IPAC mentor, because the learning strategy depends upon the ability to discuss many of the elements. The ability to visit a medical device reprocessing and laboratory microbiology areas will greatly enhance their learning experience.

PICNET Learning Hub

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Discover education and training opportunities on the latest NUTRITION BYTES news. 


Infection Control: Webber Teleclasses

Infection control champions, Infection Prevention Core Practices, Framework for Behavioural Infectious Risks in Acute Care.

WorkSafe BC on 2019 Preliminary Rates

Get an overview of the injury rate trends for your sector and see how you can use WorkSafeBC's Employer Health and Safety Planning Toolkit to view your own organization's safety trends and how to reduce injury rates.


Download these interesting infographic PDFs for 2017 injury trends for both long-term care and home care/community health support.

workshop PSNM

SafeCare BC Workshops

Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum

Connections: Working with People with Dementia (In partnership with Alzheimer Society of BC)

Occupational Health & Safety Committee Part I

If you have any questions or you require assistance with registration, please contact or call the Programs and Events Coordinator for SafeCare BC, Marjahn O'Connor, at 604.630.5572 ext. 242.

Did You Miss SafeCare BC Mental Health Webinars? Not to worry. Recordings are available on their website.

Check this link: Watch 3-part Mental Health Webinar Series

Professional Development from SafeCare BC

Did you know that SafeCare BC provides professional development for continuing care workers in BC?  Here are a few of their upcoming workshops over the summer:

Creating Connections: Working with People with Dementia
LPN Leadership Training
Safe Client Handling
Occupational Health & Safety Committee
Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum
Health and Safety Program Audit

New Infection Control Precautions E-Learning

Check our DIGEST page for details on the new infection control precautions for rare and emerging pathogens e-learning, from PICnet.


International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative

The implementation for the IDDSI is coming - are you ready? The IDDSI committee has responded to requests from the international community by leading the roll-out and implementation of the IDDSI Framework. This global initiative will improve the lives of over 590 million people living with dysphagia.


EDUCATION: Foodsafe Level 1 Refresher

Did you know that FOODSAFE Level 1 certificates expire?

The FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher is an inexpensive and convenient way to renew your certification since all Level 1 certificates issued in BC are valid for 5 years. Therefore, certificates issued prior to July 29, 2013 will expire this coming July 29, 2018!

You can take the Level 1 Refresher online.  FOOD SAFE Level 1 Refresher takes 1-3 hours and must be completed within 10 days (including weekends) from the start date of the course, including your final examination.

The fee is $45. Register through Open School BC.


Culinary Arts Program at University of the Fraser Valley

Starting in August! 

The UFV's Culinary Arts Program trains aspiring cooks to work in all styles of kitchens from small family-style restaurants to large multinational hotels and health care institutions. The program is 39 weeks from August until May.  When graduated, you'll be a second year apprentice having completed your PC 1 and be front loaded with the written and practical exams for PC 2.

Food & Drink Publications

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food." - George Bernard Shaw

Granville Island Market Tours

A Foodie Highlight Featuring the Best of Granville Island!

Weave expertly through the busy Public Market, skipping the line at the best food shops and artisans to taste over 20 signature Canadian food cultures.

Tours are 2 hours, 10:30am - 12:30pm, running daily in the summer, and Thursdays-Sundays between September 19 and May 20. All food and drink tastings are included!

Canada Food & Beverage Tradeshows

Stay up to date with food and beverage trade shows in Canada!

From Retailers to Manufacturers and Suppliers, there is always a conference or trade show happening somewhere!



Our annual education day will be held on Friday, October 27th at the Power to Change in Langley. This is an excellent event and an opportunity to earn your extra CE points. The day will start at 0730 for breakfast and continue until 3:30pm.

Featured Speakers:  Terri Dowton from the Employers' Advisers Office and Daniel Fontane from the BC Care Providers Association

Certificates will be handed out to go towards your OH & S Learning, the Fraser Health Licensing Dietician discussing menu planning and the Residential Care Regulations of BC.

Download Registration Form

Annual CSNM Conference 2017!

The Annual CSNM Conference was held in Ottawa, June 14-16 and members of the Pacific Society of Nutrition Management is there to celebrate with Peers and mark Canada's 150th!



The Provincial Infection Control Network's webinars and teleclasses schedules, as well as many archived sessions are available!   Information follows on both the upcoming sessions and archived webinars. Check PICNet here for education opportunities. 

CONFERENCE LINE: 1-877-385-4099   PASS CODE: 7188720#

Download past slide presentations here:

PSNM Annual General Meeting - April 28, 2017

Join your colleagues and industry leaders at the upcoming PSNM AGM on April 28th in Langley.  Earn CE points to attend! Featured Guest Speakers, Lunch Vendors' Showcase, news and updates.

The AGM Day Outline:

07:30 – 0825:  Breakfast Hosted by Willie Woo from Nestles
Menu: Eggs Benny Bar for Breakfast with choice of Back Bacon, Smoked Salmon, Veggies and Fresh Fruit Salad, New Sunsational Express line of juices, Coffee/Tea and Specialty Hot Drinks

08:30 – 10:00  PSNM AGM
10:00 – 11:00 Fraser Health Licensing Dietician Suvarna Rao
11:00 – 12:15 BC Care Providers Association CEO Daniel Fontaine
12:15 – 1:15   Lunch Vendor Showcase Hosted by Willie Woo from Nestles

MENU: Lobster Ravioli, Braised Beef Ravioli, Portobello & Spinach Ravioli & a variety of sauces

Firehouse Chili with Minors Ancho & Chipotle Flavor Concentrates, Lasagna, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Baked French Fry & Flavored Gravy Bar, San Pelligrino/Perrier, Nestle and Hagen Daz Ice Cream & Chocolate

1:15 – 1:30:     Coffee Break
1:30 – 3:30:     The Employers Advisors Office Terry Dowton

CE Points Earned from our AGM

  • Competency #6 Human Resources
  • Competency #4 Clinical Nutrition
  • Competency #7 Finance
  • Competency #1 Professionalism
  • Competency #3 Nutrition & Healthy Living