Learn How To Prevent Your Risk of Dementia

Did you know that 50% of adults will develop dementia by age 85? Synaptitude Brain Health reports the following finding and measures you can take now to lower your risk.

Many of us forget the importance of having a healthy brain. Unless we start to experience memory loss, concentration problems, or have trouble sleeping, we overlook the symptoms and signs of cognitive decline. Over 50% of Canadians will develop dementia by age 85 and the brain changes of dementia start to develop years before it becomes symptomatic. Many of you or your clients could be at risk.

While our current drug treatments are only of modest help in treating dementia, increasing scientific evidence shows that optimizing sleep, physical exercise, diet, and targeting specific cognitive skills with custom designed software interventions can drastically reduce the risk of later dementia and significantly improve brain health.

Founded by a world leading group of UBC neuroscientists, Synaptitude Brain Health offers a comprehensive, evidence-based brain health program that is designed to identify modifiable risks to brain health,and to reduce these risks through personalized interventions and recommendations that improve brain health over time.

If you are a professional working with seniors or managing a facility that offers a health and wellness program, you’re invited you to learn more about the partnership referral program or the BC Care Provider’s Synaptitude group package that combines educational health sessions with wellness group coaching and brain exercises in a fun, social environment.

Visit the website to learn more about  the Synaptitude program or contact at communications@synaptitude.info to discuss how this program can enhance your practice or business.

Dr. Max Cynader, Founder and CEO of Synaptitude Brain Health, will be offering a seminar talk “Improving Brain Health in our Aging Population: Improving Memory, Sleep, Concentration and  Quality of Life” on April 19th.

For more information, please visit bccare.ca/workshops or click here to register.

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