Important Message re go2HR

EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2019: go2HR will no longer administer Serving It Right and Special Event Servers programs. After a 30-year public and private partnership, the Province of BC has decided to proceed with a new model and new service provider. Consequently, go2HR is going through some significant organizational changes.

go2HR will continue its leadership of key programs on behalf of our industry, including SuperHost and FOODSAFE. We will also remain the industry Health & Safety Association and Certifying Partner in partnership with WorkSafeBC.

As many of you know, surplus generated from the Serving It Right program was used to fund the execution of the BC Tourism HR Strategy. Without these financial resources, we now have to carefully review our ability to deliver these services which includes activities such as labour market research and planning, human resources advice and resources, go2HR Job Board, tourism career awareness activities and student programs such as Winning Pitch and Student Industry Rendezvous.

Until go2HR is able to secure replacement funding to support these important services and programs, we don’t anticipate them continuing over the short term. However, going forward, go2HR will remain committed to explore opportunities to grow and rebuild our capacity to support these activities in partnership with our stakeholders.

This has, unfortunately, also meant significant organizational changes to go2HR. Some of the leaders and staff you have come to know and rely on will be leaving us at the end of October, including Debbie Yule, Dennis Green, Joyce Lam and Jacqueline Nakano. Earlier this summer, we had to say goodbye to Marie-Eve Masse and Michelle Sz. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank the entire team, and these people in particular, for their many years of dedicated service to our industry.

CEO Arlene Keis has delayed her retirement to assist in the organizational transition required to reposition go2HR to continue its contribution to a sector that represents a significant growth opportunity for our local, regional, provincial and federal economies. Our search for a new CEO is now well underway.

Finally the Board of Directors wishes to thank you, our industry, for your support over the years. We look forward to continuing our active partnership with you to help tackle the ever growing staffing challenges in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Per, Ian Powell, Chair, go2HR Board of Directors


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