Federal Government Announces Emergency PPE Supply

The federal government announced the Essential Services Contingency Reserve, where essential services can apply for temporary, urgent access to PPE and other essential supplies

This is complementary to the existing contingency support available for front-line health workers.

Emergency supplies will include KN95 masks, surgical masks and gowns, face shields, sanitizer, and gloves for up to 45 days.

In order to qualify, organizations will need to:

  • Demonstrate that they have exhausted alternative options for obtaining PPE(for example from the market, support from industry associations or support from provincial or territorial government).
  • Demonstrate that there is an urgent need (e.g. less than 3 weeks’ supply);
  • That significant disruption to services is imminent; and
  • Provide a plan for meeting supply needs after the emergency support ends.

Organizations in the health sector will qualify as essential service providers. The guidance explicitly includes caregivers (including allied health professionals), and workers in home health care and long-term care, including administrative, food service and housekeeping staff.

Equipment will be provided on a cost-recovery basis.  Organizations can register from August 3rdwith Public Services and Procurement Canada.


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