Do you know your legal obligations for employees who drive for work?

We’re pleased to see that BC Care Providers Association have addressed the important driving safety policies and practices for employees who drive for work. Whether you’re set up with company vehicles, or your employees drive their own vehicle, BC employers are responsible for the safety of their employees. The car is a workplace, the same way a construction site or a factory floor or a warehouse are workplaces.

The first step is to understand your legal obligations and the legal context in which you run your business. Provincial and federal laws apply to employers who have employees who drive for work.

Did you know that Workers Compensation Act provides the legal authority for WorkSafeBC to set and enforce occupational safety standards? The WCA has four main parts and you can CLICK HERE for a summary of the content and functions of each one.

You can also start by simply visiting for free information, tools, resources and online courses to build and improve your company road safety policies and practices.

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