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Welcome to the PSNM Website!

    New Members Welcome! We are excited to have any new members join our organization and better their careers and make important contacts throughout your careers. Please join us at any of our meetings and sit in for some valuable information. 

    Meetings are held monthly at care facilities in the Greater Vancouver area. We have guest suppliers at many meetings which bring valuable information to help streamline your operation or speak on new food products.






    We need your help to recharge the BC division of CSNM and would like to invite all Food Service Supervisors /Managers to join.

    Do you know a food service manager that doesn't belong to either PSNM or CSNM now is a great time to join!   

    If you are a new member please fill out the form under 
   the resources tab and mail it to the address on the form.

    Don't qualify as an active member? Why not join as an associate, corporate or student member; we would love to have you.

Advantages of joining include:

  • Notice of monthly meeting (usually held the second Thursday of each month except July and August)
  • Minutes from monthly meeting
  • Annual General Meeting to be held in the Spring 
  • Speaker/tour that may have relevance to your job
  •  Local opportunity for continuing education
  •  Opportunity to network with others in your profession of Nutrition Management
  •  Meet and talk with those working in the same marketplace; in our workplace we are usually the only nutrition manager, the meetings allow you to meet and   learn from others.
  •  Share information about suppliers and new products that are coming into the market
  •  Ability to remain current on area wages and benefits in the workplace for Nutrition Management position
  • Learn about job opportunities- "before it is advertised"
  •  The local chapter can develop partnerships with local education institutes to offer education for Nutrition Managers and/or your employees.
  •  Have a voice on the provincial board of PSNM and as a direct result have a closer relationship with CSNM
  •  The PSNM chapter will have representation on the CSNM Board of Directors and that individual can speak on your behalf
  •  To be on the PSNM Executive or Board of Directors, you must be an active member of PSNM