IDDSI Standardisation Initiative

IDDSI wishes to once again acknowledge the amazing volunteers who continue to contribute their time and energy to IDDSI.
The IDDSI particularly wants to acknowledge all those individuals who have taken a lead role in setting up the many IDDSI Reference Groups that have developed around the globe.
Amber Capotosto
Stephanie Dion
The Canadian IDDSI Reference Group (CIRG) sent our advocacy letters to various key stakeholders across Canada, in both English and French. The letters provided information on IDDSI and requested support from stakeholders organizations to help to facilitate the implementation of IDDSI in Canada.
CIRG will meet monthly to discuss ongoing projects to help facilitate implementation of IDDSI in Canada and hopes to work with industry partners to help achieve IDDSI labeling by December of 2022. If you are interested in joining the CIRG, please contact IDDSI Canada.
D-A-CH IRG: The IDDSI DACH IRG is organizing an online workshop, entitled “IDDSI 201 practical - basics and testing techniques. A DGD Workshop", via Zoom on October 7, 17:00-19:00 exclusively for members of the German Interdisciplinary Society for Dysphagia (DGD). Interested participants may register here on the DGD homepage by August 30, to a maximum of 60 participants.