Will this happen in Canada?

From the Food and Health Communications of San Francisco, California...applies to the American Food Guide, but will Canada follow lead?


Today you can get a quick summary on 2 relevant vitamins and minerals that will be mandatory on the new American food label in January 2020 plus get a reminder about the two that are not required to be listed. This overview provided by Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD, can be a great topic for weekly reminders, classes, and wellness fair activities.

Lisa explains why A and C are "going missing" as well as why 2 other nutrients will be required to be shown on the new label instead. PLUS she has listsof foods that can be emphasized so that individuals can pick their favorites to get more "nutrients of concern" into their eating plan.

Next week Lisa has a great "case study" she is working on to prove that reading the nutrition label pays off for your health and budget!

Stay tuned,
Judy Doherty, BS, PCII

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